Campus Information System

The dream came true – you are almost a student of an American college or university, you have a visa and will soon board the plane, which, waving a metal wing, will take you to the country of knowledge.

Having overcome passport control, you will be in the territory of the treasured American land, and the first thing that will need to be done there, sitting in a taxi – is to call the driver the right address. So, about where you will live, you need to think in advance.

Dormitories and campuses in the US

They are considered the most optimal options for living and teaching. Typically, campuses are located near educational institutions or on the territory of the university (there is no need to allocate time for the journey) and cost less than a room in a private house.

Often, American universities insist that their students reside on the university campus at least during the first two years of the study period.

What is an American hostel? These are mixed buildings (guys and girls live in the same building but on separate floors or different wings).

As a rule, the bathrooms and kitchens are shared and are located on the floor. There are, perhaps, other options – student rooms with several separate rooms, a standard room and one bathroom.

When you enter a typical room, you will live there with one or two peers. The necessary furniture, light, Internet and television are already provided.

One of the advantages of living in a hostel is a kind of “social territory”. A recreation area where students can meet to play some games, watch TV together and talk. Among the shortcomings are harsh rules.

Students are forbidden to smoke (throughout the building), it is prohibited to have pets (including parrots and hamsters), and sometimes you have to obey time constraints.

Similar accommodation (depending on the university and state) can cost $ 600 for each month and can devastate the wallet by $ 2,000 per month. Perhaps, large sums, as a rule, include expenses for food, payment for electricity, water, garbage disposal and cleaning of the housing. Payment is made once in one semester. Less often – once a year.

Important specification. Applications for a room in the American hostel are served in a strictly defined period – no later than six months before the first session. Also, the application is considered only after enrolling in a university.

But here, you can expect serious problems: sometimes the letter of enrollment may be delayed for a while, and then the student must independently deal with the housing issue. And only in the most respectable educational institutions, such as Harvard places in dormitories are always enough for everyone, because they are slightly larger than the number of students.